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Carter’s Idea of Logic

When picking up Carter from school, I was talking to one of the teacher’s whose a good friend of mine. She takes Carter to school with her early on Thursday because I work. So anyways, he was at school playing with another little boy and they started to fight over a matchbox car. The other little boy had it and when Carter tried getting it from him and failed, Carter started to scream. My friend told Carter to basically knock it off and this was his response…”But Mrs. H!!!! My name is Carter. “Car” is in my name so I should get the car!!!” How’s that for logic!


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It went so well. His teacher said that he has just progressed so well and that he’s so well-behaved and polite. She was just gushing about him. She had a picture of a face that she has them draw at the beginning of the year and then has them draw again later on and there was a HUGE difference. I’m hoping in the next few days, I’ll be able to post the pictures. Every time I look at them, I’m amazed!

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So we went to our foster care class last night and I turned in the first set of paperwork that I had completed – for which she called me an overacheiver because she only gave it  to us the day before. Boy, she has me pegged already! Anyways, she was super excited that we had the paperwork done already. I also have our medical exams all set for next week and I called the vet to make sure that all the pets were up to date with their vaccinations. I found out a couple of them are missing a shot so we are getting them in next week too and then we will be done with all of our paperwork. In talking to her though, she said they have SO many kids right now that it’s pretty much guaranteed that we will have our first placements before we are done meeting with her. Our meetings end with her within 5 weeks so that means we will have kids before then!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! She then said “Yeah, you’d better get moving on getting that room painted while you can because I could be calling you anytime!” WOW! I so just wasn’t expecting things to move quickly. The placements wouldn’t even be the respite care she talked about before, they would be regular placements! I’m so stressed and so excited it’s amazing. I feel the same way I did as I was getting closer to having Carter. Right now, I’m hoping to have my mom come over and help paint the first part of next week.

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Well, I had the house in order before the foster care licenser got there. It went much better than I expected. She went through some paperwork with us and then we gave her a tour of the house. The only thing we need to take care of is put outlet covers in the rest of the open outlets, which we knew about, we just ran out of covers and didn’t have time to get more before she got there. There are a few other things though that I want to have done though. There is a bunch more paperwork that needs to be filled out and we each need to get into the dr. for a physical which is no big deal. I’m hoping to get most of the paperwork done tonight so I can give it to her tomorrow.

The craziest thing is that I asked her what the time-line was for getting our first kids. She said she could be calling anytime!!!!!!! I was so not expecting that. She said she will start us off with some respite care (which is basically taking care of kids who are already placed with other foster families when they need breaks) and then in the next month or two we should get our first regular placement!!! I cannot believe how much faster this is going than I expected. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m super excited to think that we could have kids so quickly. I have SO much to do though. I need to get the bedroom painted and decorated, which hopefully, I’ll be able to get done the first part of next week. Then I need to get ahold of my friend who has girl clothes I can use just in case we get a little girl. I’m just so darn excited!!!! We will have 5 or 6 more home visits (about 1 a week) so we should be finishing our home study and classes at about the same time. They are able to place children with us before that though – they call it a “preplacement”.

I was going over my conversation with the licenser yesterday and I was just thinking it was really weird that we were the most flexible family in the class right now. We are looking for kids who are ages 0-4. I thought that was pretty limiting, but apparently there are other factors that I thought just kind of went without saying, but apparently there are families who are more picky than we are. Some request a specific gender, some request a specific race or cultural background, some are only wanting 1 child and are not willing to take sibling groups. All of these things just seemed a given for me. It never occurred to me that people would care about those things… especially race and gender, but whatever… to each his own. All that means, is that we will get kids faster than everyone else.

Well that’s all for tonight folks. Please remember us in your prayers. This is going to be a major change for our family and I sure have a lot to do before I will feel ready.

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So today at about noon, the phone rings. It’s the county foster care licenser. She said that we seem to be the most flexible family as far as our schedules and the ages/sex of the children we have, so she wants to get us licensed first!!!! She said she wants to begin the home study right away. So I’m thinking she’s meaning next week or something, but oh no… she asks if she can come over either tomorrow or Wednesday!!!! So I’m freaking out! The house isn’t crazy  messy or anything, but it’s still not up to my standard of having someone walk through it. (I don’t mind if the house is a little cluttered or messy when it’s us, but whenever there’s company, I become a little anal about how the house looks. So anyways, I told her that we could do Wednesday. That way I have tomorrow morning to get things done. We still have a lot to do like making sure all outlets have covers, installing a gate at the bottom of the stairs, bolting a bookcase to the wall…those sorts of things. I’m gonna have my mom come over on Wednesday too just to do a walk through… she’s even more anal than I am… just to make sure everything is perfect. Ugh, I’m just so nervous!!!! We have some people in our class that already have been through the home study and said that it’s pretty heavy. They really delve into your life and nothing is off limits. We have nothing to hide, but it still makes me nervous!!! Hopefully, they were exaggerating. Anyways, the great thing about this is that as soon as we are done with the home study we can start legally getting kids!!!!!!!! I am super super excited about that! We were at Target the other day and they had some crib bedding there that I just fell in love with. I asked Mike if it was ok and he said it was so I went crazy and got the crib bumper, blanket, sheets, curtains, and some wall decals. I also got some different paint chips so we can paint the room also. I got some extra bed sheets that match the set as well so we can have the toddler bed match. I may get another blanket also. I just can’t wait to have some young ones around here. Oh, and I just realized we also have to get the crib together and start washing the bottles and baby toys that we’ve had in storage! WOW! I’m so excited and nervous!

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Corrupted by my husband!!

I finally have the motivation and energy to get some stuff done around the house and wouldn’t you know it, but my hubby decides that instead he would rather we sit around all day and get caught up on episodes of Big Brother and American Idol. Ugh!!! The sad thing is that it’s really not too awfully hard to convince me. So instead, now I’m having to get up at 5:45 am to bake some cookies because I (during a crazy fit of generosity) chose to volunteer to bring 2 dozen cookies to our church’s annual Easter cookie sale!!! (Yes, I too think that I’m insane!!) Don’t get me wrong, I love to help out wherever and whenever possible and think that people (including myself) need to do more nice things for people, but seriously…at this point, I don’t even have space in my kitchen to bake. I did tell my hubby that if he was going to insist that I watch our shows, that he was going to get up at 5:45 am right along with me so he can clean up the kitchen while I attempt to make something that resembles a tasty cookie treat!! Meanwhile, I am sitting here typing with insomnia that has been plaguing me for days, while he has been fast asleep for hours.

Not only that, but our dear adorable son has been sleeping in our room for… well… I’m not even sure how long. I can’t get him out!!!!! It wouldn’t be so bad, if the ONLY way he could fall asleep was to either a Max and Ruby video or a Kidsongs video!!! The saddest part is that I’m sitting here at nearly midnight, both of my men are asleep and I am lying here awake with Kidsongs STILL ON!!!!! I truly am losing it!!! The best part is that it’s on a continuous loop and my loving husband -while snoring, which is part of the cause of my insomnia- is laying on the remote so I can’t turn off the stinking movie without getting out of bed and who really wants to do that while they are trying to fall asleep!?!?!?

Even worse than all of that, is that I catch myself singing along!!!! I can hear it now… ***KNOCK KNOCK*** Yes, we’re here to take your wife to the looney bin. WHY??? Well isn’t it apparent that she has lost her mind!! The cause you ask???? Well, I believe it was the Kidsongs theme song that finally did her in!!!!

Well, I’m going to go play some computer games and see if I can manage to fall asleep before stabbing myself in the eyes and ears so I don’t have to watch or listen to these terrible children (I’m sure they really are lovely in real life) sing even more terrible songs (yes, they really are that bad!!!)

Have a great night and I hope that there is no one out there enduring the type of torture, I am currently facing. It truly is a terrifying experience!!

*singing* Peanut, Peanut Butter & Jelly… Peanut, Peanut Butter & Jelly…………………………….

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Last Day of Chaos

Well tomorrow is my last day of chaos for a few days at least. I have to work at the daycare tomorrow morning from 6:30 to noon and then have a foster care class tomorrow night and thenI am done with Mary Kay, the daycare, and foster care classes until Tuesday next week. That’s 5 whole days!!!! I do have some family things to do with it being Easter, but the rest of the weekend is going to be devoted to getting the house in order which will start on Friday. I plan to take it easy tomorrow afternoon although I do need to drop some products off to a customer tomorrow too. Well things are going to be a bit slower. Thank goodness!!!!!

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