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I need a break!!!

Man! Things are just so insane and I’m so ready for life to slow down! Luckily, we are almost done with a few different things. Foster care classes will be done next week and I’ll probably be done working right around that time also. It’s amazing how crazy life gets. Life is good though!!! Hope all is going well with all of you!!!


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When is someone going to get on the ball and invent a self-cleaning house?!?!?! For crying out loud they have self-cleaning ovens, DVRs that can learn what you like and automatically record it, vacuums that can go around the house and clean the floors without us having to move …what’s so difficult about having a house that can pitch in with the housework? I feel like writing a letter to my house…

Dear House,

If what they say about “if walls could talk” blah blah blah, then wouldn’t that imply they can hear too?? Why is it then, that you can mysteriously not hear me ask for you to pitch in and clean yourself up once in awhile…

Our house must be of the male species, because only a man can use selective hearing with such efficiency and expertise. I have begged, pleaded, and nearly offered to trade my soul (ok, not really, but if it came down to it, I just might) just to have the house listen to me and still… NOTHING!!!!!

Where do houses get off anyways?? We take care of them. We make them look nice. We spend TONS of time with them, and yet what do we get in return??? Nothing!!! (Again, my thoughts return to my husband and the male species in general…wonder why that is??)

You may be thinking, why are you being so hard on houses, they don’t know any better. Well, we don’t use excuses here in the Roehl household!!!!

So here’s my conclusion…

Houses owe us for all that we do for them so I’m proposing a housecleaning strike until we have some sort of contract worked out that includes the house pitching in once in awhile. Lofty goal, I know, but things never change unless there’s someone around who’s willing to ruffle some feathers!! In this area, I’m willing to be that one!!!

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Ok so I’m looking for opinions here and I KNOW that I have people that stop by so please add your 2 cents.
Here’s the back story…

We went to a foster home the other day to meet the little girl we are going to be taking care of for a week and when we got there both she and her brother were somewhere else in the neighborhood. The foster mom called someone and asked that they send the kids home. Apparently these kids are allowed to just walk around the neighborhood. They JUST turned 5 last week. So I was telling my mom this and she said that I should start letting Carter at least play in the backyard without me being outside. Now we don’t live on a busy street or anything and there are only about 10 houses in our subdivision, but I’m still a little nervous about it.

So what are your thoughts… What have you done with your own kids…

Mike was like “absolutely not”, but he doesn’t even think Carter should be in a different room in the house as him. (Yes, he’s overly paranoid). I think he MIGHT be ready, but I’m still nervous about it!

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New “Carter”ism

Ok so last week, we had the foster care licensor come to our house for a home study visit. We had been talking to Carter about her coming and we were telling him that the “special lady” was going to be coming to the house to make sure it was a safe place and to talk to all of us and then she would start bringing us kids. So when the licensor asked Carter “So what do you think about having foster kids come stay at your house?”

This is how Carter answers…

“My mommy said that the special lady was going to go to the store to buy us some kids!”

He just comes up with the funniest things sometimes!!!!!

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Well, things are a little hairy at Mike’s work right now. They are going to be laying people off, but we aren’t sure who or how many which means he is in danger of being one of the unfortunate. At this point, I’m just trying not to worry because it never seems to do any good anyways. We just say “OK God, we’re giving this to You.” So I guess we’ll see if it really has been a good decision for him to go to 1st shift or not.

A HUGE positive this week is that we are almost done with our foster care classes so we’ve got that going for us. Tonight was about sexual abuse. Boy, was that fun! NOT!!!! I got irritated with some of the people in our class tonight and the comments they made. Some people just are so ignorant it’s not even funny!!!!

Oh well.

Tomorrow (actually I guess it’s today now) is going to be a day of getting the house picked up and working on my Mary Kay stuff. I have to get things ready for a show I’m having at our house on Saturday. I’m really really hoping that it goes well. At this point, I don’t even care about sales a whole heck of a lot. I’m more interested in getting some more bookings because as long as I keep getting the bookings, then the sales will naturally follow.

Then tomorrow night we are going to a dinner theater show, which will be a nice night out for hubby and I. Well that’s about it for right now. Tomorrow I’ll do my best to write something clever.

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Gotta Love American Idol

How cool!!! So I just watched the last American Idol tonight. (We Tivo everything!!!!) Anyways, I thought that was so awesome that they sang Shout to the Lord. They did an amazing job too. I got chills the whole time they sang it!

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Mary Kay

My sales director gave me a goal of getting 5 bookings within the next two weeks and hold 2 of them in the next two weeks. We have to complete this in order to continue in a special training class. I was super nervous, because I had absolutely NO bookings at all!!! So I went to work and have actually managed to get 3 bookings so far, 2 of which are going to be within the next 2 weeks!!!! WOW!!!! I can’t believe its day 2 and I’ve already almost finished. I only need 2 more bookings to be scheduled anytime in the future and I’ve met my goal!! Isn’t that awesome! Ok, so you probably don’t care much, but it’s a big deal to me.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!

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