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OK so I’m feeling a little stressed at the moment and I’m choosing to write about it – I should actually be cleaning my house, but I figured I’d be able to accomplish more if I were to vent a little first.

First of all, my sister’s wedding is coming up in a few weeks and frankly there is not a single part that I am looking forward too. I really am not the wedding type. For heavens sake, if I could have married my husband without having a wedding and not being killed by my family, I would have done it in a heartbeat. It doesn’t help that my sister (whom I truly do love to death) is one of those bridezillas!!! So anyways, I have to be a bridesmaid which wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t feel like a huge elephant in my dress…it’s never fun to be the “big” girl at the wedding – so that’s stressor number 1. My mom informed me that I need to get my dress to the seamstress for alterations no later than tomorrow…she told me this today!!! Now of course, I had to go get my shoes too in between taking care of my two kids and trying to get my dog to the groomer. Well turns out that after all the trouble of packing the kids up and taking them to my moms so I could get the dog to the groomer and then get some shoes (and then have to pick up the stinky dog that was still stinky because the groomers wouldn’t touch him because he was growling at them), I called the seamstress and she said it was no big deal to get it to her next week! So I stressed about that for absolutely no¬† reason at all. Then there’s the groom, whom personally, doesn’t do anything for me. Now I know that it doesn’t matter what I think, but being that she’s my little sister, I worry about her and I have serious doubts that this is the right guy for her for reasons I won’t even bother to get into.

Ok so now, here’s the rest of it… my hubby informed me yesterday that the air conditioner isn’t working. Now our house is only 2 years old!!! How can these things break so quickly. They have no idea if the warrantee is still in place or not so the good Lord only knows how much that is going to cost me. Then of course, while we were away this weekend the dog got sick all over the carpet, which my in-laws tried to get up by pouring undiluted liquid dish soap all over the carpet so I have to get my carpets cleaned not too and maybe even replaced (again 2 year old house needing new carpet?!?! ugh!) So… I have both the carpet cleaners and the air con. guys coming tomorrow. Carter has school. Malachi has a home visit. and then at 2pm we are going to pick up our new foster kid – which I’m actually excited about!

PHEW!!!! Sorry for the ranting, but life is just a little out of control right now. It would have gone a lot smoother if I wouldn’t have had to run everywhere today, but I guess that’s how things go.

I hope all of you are having a much nicer day than my has gone so far. If not, then I do believe there is an empty room next to me at the looney bin!


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I’m so excited!!! We are going camping for the whole weekend. I didn’t think Mike would be able to get Saturday off, but it sounds like the plant will be closed which means we can leave tomorrow. It’s going to be so good to get away for a few days and not worry about the phone ringing or having to get anything done. I’m really looking forward to all the fun stuff we get to do while we are there. Every Saturday morning we go to the Amish bakery for hot fresh donuts, pie, and bread. It’s all so amazing!!!! I really need to remember to take the camera so I can take pictures. I’ve been so terrible about picture taking lately. It sure would make my blog a little easier on the eyes, wouldn’t it. So anyways, I have a ton to do before tomorrow and frankly not a whole heck of a lot of interest in doing it, but I will. I have to finish up laundry which means folding 3 loads and finishing up whats in the washer. Then I need to also get the house cleaned up and of course pack. Thankfully, I have managed to keep up on the housework so it should only take me an hour or 2 to get the house scrubbed really clean.

Well, I hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!!

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Well, so far so good. Things are going so well!!! Malachi is fitting right in with our family. Carter is doing well too. They fight and love like brothers already. He is soooo cute too. He has these dimples that just make you want to melt when he smiles. He sleeps super well too. I really can’t complain. We are working with him on his speech as best as we know how and also on getting him not to scream. He is doing really well with not screaming. He used screaming as pretty much all of his communication. If he was upset, he screamed… if he wanted something, he screamed, happy…screamed – You get the point. Well he hardly screams at all now!!

I find out on Tuesday about a little baby girl that we are hoping to be getting. I hope I have some good news to write about soon!

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We are totally done with our Foster Care licensing. Our license will be sent to us as soon as it’s been drafted, but it will be back-dated to yesterday! We are on the list for 4 kids already. One of which, I’m hoping we’ll get today for a day or two pre-placement. I should be getting a call in an hour or two letting me know if I can go get him. We would probably keep him until tomorrow night and then if we decide we want to take him, we’ll probably get him next week. He’s 1 year old and his name is Malachi. Isn’t that a cute name?

On a side note, I’ll also be hearing in an hour or two whether or not Mike has been laid off. I hardly slept all night because I’m so worried. The nicest thing is that IF he does get laid off, he’ll be off a maximum of 60 days. Money would be really really tight and we’d probably end up going through all of our savings, but we’d be able to do it. It’s still scary though.

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