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Oh boy, I feel like I was hit by a truck today. Thankfully, it’s Sunday which means Mike is home all day. Tomorrow should be fun though. OK so first, I thought I’d post what my sweet boy did today.

I was laying on the couch, looking and feeling miserable, when Carter came over next to me holding a pillow. In the sweetest voice he could conjure up, he said…”Here mama. Do you want a pillow for your toes?” I told him that would be so wonderful so he picked up my feet and put the pillow under my feet! Awwwwwwwwwww….

So the next thing is a question for anyone who may have some input. I’m looking for a double, maybe even a triple stroller and I’m wondering what may be the best choice. Now I realize that I’ve done these before, but I tend not to get much of a response so let’s speak up people!!!!! Help a stressed out, sick mama who can’t think today due to being so plugged up that her head is going to explode!!! Thanks in advance! Love you all!!!


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We went to see Wall-E yesterday. It was really really good. Carter was completely glued to it the entire time. Normally he’ll have a moment or two that he gets a little antsy, but not this time. At the end of the movie, he burst into tears. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he missed Wall-E and didn’t want the movie to be over. Then on the way home, he was already asking to go see it again. Our conversation ended with him saying, “Momma, I’m all funned out. I guess I have to die now.” Oh my dear dramatic son!!!!

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Interview Today

Well I have my job interview today. I’m really really nervous!!!! I need/want this job so badly. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity that fits our family so well. I guess, I’m just going to have to leave it in God’s hands.

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Well last weekend in the morning, Carter came in our room and crawled into bed with us like he does most mornings. He asked if we could do shadow puppets on the wall so I started to make a dog and here is the conversation that followed…

Carter: What’s that mommy?

Me: It’s a dog.

Carter: What’s a dunk?

Me: I didn’t say dunk, I said dog, you dork!

Carter: I’m not a dork, mommy, I’m a psycho!!!

Then when my hubby and I started to laugh, he said “I tell the funniest jokes, don’t I?”

Here’s the next…

Lately Carter has been really noticing differences between boys and girls. The other day, I was changing our baby girl’s diaper and he says… “Mommy where did her pee stick go?? How does she got potty without her stick?” I then had to explain to him that girls don’t need pee sticks to go potty. Thankfully, he let that answer be sufficient.

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Well things have been a little nuts!! I know…what else is new right?! Well as of today, Mike’s job is in jeopardy again. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. It’s possible that he’ll lose his job all together, but I just don’t know. It’s scary, but at the same time, there is absolutely nothing I can do to change it.

We now have 2 foster kids and things are going so well. We have a 20 month old little boy and a 6 month little girl. Both of them are doing so well and let me just say that it’s really nice having a girl in the house besides me. I never really thought I’d enjoy having a girl as much as boys, but I’m lovin every minute of it!!

I have a job interview on Wednesday and I’m really really hoping that I get the job. It’s a data entry position that I can do from home. I can choose how many hours I’d like to work each day and they give me 24 hours to get my time logged. The best part is that it’s for a place in town so no worries about them being legitimate. A mom of one of Carter’s school friend works there and says it’s awesome!! I really need to get this because if Mike loses his job we are going to be in serious trouble. I’ve already talked to my dad and asked if there was any open positions at his office. He said he wasn’t sure, but he’s going to see what he comes up with and he’ll make something happen if needed. Thank God that I have a dad who is so supportive and owns his own business too!! The GM plant is closing here so there is going to be a HUGE job shortage for quite awhile being that nearly 1500 people will soon be out of work. We can’t really even sell our house because with the way the housing market is right now and the way it’s going to be once all those employees from GM are going to start trying to sell their house, there’s no way that we’ll be able to sell and get even close to what it’s worth or what we owe. I’m just nauseous with nerves, but there’s not a whole heck of a lot that I can do about it so I’m trying not to worry to much and just do what I can to not get too worked up yet since we still don’t know for sure what’s going to happen. So…if you think of us, say a prayer for our family. Love to you all!!!!

Oh Yeah….I almost forgot…my little sister got married this weekend. The wedding was beautiful. I was secretly jealous of how beautiful it was compared to mine!! She looked gorgeous too. It’s hard to believe she’s married now. I hope her marriage is everything she wants it to be!!! Love you, Karley!!!

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