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So I did the next lesson and I thought I would share a few things that I gained from it.

Today’s lesson talked about vision.

**A real vision is a powerful tool that can help you create the reality you desire.

**The clearer you make your vision, the easier it will be for you to make it a reality.

I really like the idea that by simply having a clear vision, I can create the life that I want. Honestly, I’ve never really had a vision. I’ve always had lists…lists in my head…lists on paper… of things that I needed to do to be organized, or happy, or fulfilled, but I have never really had an actual vision. A long term statement saying exactly what I want for my life…what I want to look like, act like, be like, what I want to be doing, what I want my marriage to look like, etc.

The exercise for the day…write a clear vision of my desires for my life.


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Talked to the School

Thanks for all of your prayers. The meeting with the school went better than I could have ever expected. They were all very supportive and completely understood my position. They agreed that we were making the right decision as far as pulling him now during preschool to give this a shot vs. waiting until kindergarten. They offered to help however they could including setting a meeting with the kindergarten teacher so if we do decide to re-enroll him there next year, I will know what he needs to have learned in order to be ready.

I also talked to Carter. I was expecting him to have a negative reaction because he love school so much, but he is really excited. I was showing him some of the workbooks that we will be doing and he wanted to start right away. He has one day left at school and then we will starting.

For those homeschoolers that might be reading this…I came across a great resource the other day. It’s called The Master Planner. Here is a short description that is on their website… And what you also got over 160 forms to help your homeschool needs from organizing, recordkeeping, science labs, unit studies, high school transcripts, planning, and so much more. There is a downloadable version that you get immediately and you just reproduce the forums as needed. Normally, this costs $15, but for right now, the downloadable version is only And what you also got over 160 forms to help your homeschool needs from organizing, recordkeeping, science labs, unit studies, high school transcripts, planning, and so much more $5.

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Well we have made a decision!

After talking at more length with Mike tonight we have decided that we are going to homeschool Carter. We are going to begin as soon as possible. We decided to pull him out of preschool and start doing a preschool program with him at home. My reasoning for this is that if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out for us, it will be much easier to re-enroll him in preschool than it would to have him join a kindergarten class once it’s already started.

I’m pretty nervous about tomorrow because I’m going to talk to his school. I’m not sure if they require notice or not so he it’s possible that tomorrow could even be his last day. I really love all the staff there and I just don’t want them to think that it’s something they are the school did. We are just really feeling like this is something that at least deserves a chance.

I’m also a little nervous about Carter’s reaction to all of this. He absolutely loves school, but I’m hoping he can be excited about me being his teacher too!

If you think of me tomorrow, say a quick prayer that all will go well, both with Carter and the school.

By the way, I know this may seem like a hasty decision, but Mike and I have been discussing this over the last year off and on, but wanted to finally make a decision so I would have ample time to prepare for kindergarten.

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Considering Homeschool

I’ve had on my heart lately that homeschool might be a good way to educate Carter. Right now, he is going to preschool at the same Christian school that I grew up going to and I love it and I love the staff. My only objection is the cost. Really, for a private school, it’s not that expensive, but it’s still a lot of money. For kindergarten, we will end up paying about $250/mo. year round and it will go up another $30/$50/mo. after that and I won’t even go into the cost for high school! I do know that I do not want him to go to public school (Mike agrees with that whole heartedly). In my opinion, the public school district we are in, while not the worst, is certainly not an environment that I’d like him to spend most of his time in. Mike’s concern is that ever homeschooled kid he’s ever met was “weird”. I said that I felt the same way, but when I thought about it…those kids’ parents were weird too. (No offense to anyone who is homeschooling already.  Some of my very good friends now are homeschoolers. This is strictly in reference to children we knew growing up which was about 1 family each.) I said that I knew some families now who do it and are enjoying it and they aren’t “weird”. I said that we aren’t weird (well, we are, but we’re on the other end of the weirdness scale! ) and he agreed. He said that I should go ahead and look into it. My biggest concerns are not so much regarding Carter, but me. I’m afraid i won’t be able to do it and/or won’t be organized enough, but I’m still wanting to look at it and I think if I just get the right training (self-training that is) I think I just might be able to do it.

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Picky Eaters Anonymous

Carter is probably the worst picky eater that I have ever come across. For the longest time we have been struggling with him to eat something…ANYTHING!!!! I have tried all the usual tricks to get him to eat to no avail. I have even made him go hungry, which he has almost preferred to having to eat something he didn’t like. Food just isn’t a big deal to him. Well, I have finally figured it out!!!!! He has to eat 5 bites before he may leave the table, but if he eats 10 he gets something special (right now he’s allowed to “buy” one of his toys back. The toys from his room were taken away for other reasons) and this is working like a charm. I always let him know that he must do it with a good attitude and with no crying. Here are some things that he has eaten these last 2 days and some of them (gasp!) he even enjoyed!!!! He has eaten : Pasta with a Sate Sauce (in the past he wouldn’t have touched even the pasta), apples and oranges, and last night we had Pasta with a Basil Parmesan sauce!!!! He was actually excited about the pasta last night because he remembered from they day before that he liked it! I am soooo happy that he is finally moving through some of this!!!

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So I did the first lesson today and wanted to share what I gained from it. There are few of the notes/to-dos from the lesson today.


**The first step to bcoming a “Total Mom” is to forget about what I should be doing.

**It’s not about what I should be doing, but what I could be doing!

**I have no time for feeling…guilty…powerless…hopeless.

**A real decision has the power to stick with you – even through the nachos. (It’s easy to make a decision to lose 15 lbs. when you just finished off a bowl of ice cream dripping in hot fudge. But when everyone around you is munching on nachos and you haven’t eaten anything except some rice caskes and a bowl of minstrone soup, it get pretty difficult to stick to your guns. **excerpt from page 18.)

**True decisions have power behind them.

**A true decision leads you down a determined path with no option of turning back.

To Do:

Replace “should”s, “would”s, and “could”s with “I can…” or “I will…” and then move forward to take some productive action.

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Total Mom Makeover

So I found this book at the library and while I was reading it’s description on the back cover it seemed that the book was written especially for me! The book is called Total Mom Makeover by Hannah Keeley . It’s a “6-week plan to completely makeover your home, health, family, and life”. Here are some of the points it will cover :

*look better and sexier than ever

*create a beautiful, clean, clutter-free home

*build stronger relationships with your husband and kids

*cook healthier meals for your family

*develop strategies to effectively manage your hectic schedule

*control chaos, fear, and worry in you life

*feel passion and personal power

*start to build the life of your dreams

So I’m going to go through the book. There is a daily reading section and then exercises to go along with it.

The first exercise is to tell others what I am doing so here I am…telling all of you!!! I will try to post some things that really stick out although I can’t promise that I will share everything that I discover along the way, but I will definitely let you know when I am finished in 6 weeks and let you know just how far I’ve come!!

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