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Moved to Blogger

Ok so as soon as I say I am back, I decide to move to blogger. So here is the link in case you want to come visit. Sorry for the change, but I just liked what blogger had to offer more so than wordpress.

Mom with Many Names

Yes, I’ve gone with a new name too!!! See you soon!!


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The great return!

Ok, so I have been gone for quite a long time and I really want to get my blog back up and moving. Things have been quite crazy around here for quite awhile now and are finally starting to get back to some sort of normalcy.

First, I’m pretty sure I talked about the 3 little girls that we had. Well sadly, last week we had to say good-bye to our oldest. She just had more troubles than we could help with her. We hung in as long as we could (almost 10 months), but just felt in the end it was in everyone’s best interest (even hers) to request a change of placement. It was such a battle in my mind to make that decision! Things are a lot calmer in our home now and I’m a lot calmer so it really is a decision I’m at peace with.

So at this point, we are down to 2, plus Carter. I have 2 open spots and am really excited to get more kids in here soon!! We are doing respite next weekend as well so that will be fun. We havn’t done respite since our current placements arrived.

Well, I plan to return to regular posting starting now and I am just so excited to be back!

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