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Well here are some pictures of our Christmas. I am only including those of Carter, but the girls had a great time with us too and got a lot of really nice things from everyone. It was fun seeing them so excited.


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Candid Carter

We are back to homeschooling full board finally. Seems I have a rythym down with these 4 kids now and I am also finally feeling better (threw my back out again and the itch). You can go to his homeschool journal to see what he did today.

I’ve been trying to take more pictures of him and thought these turned out really cute…

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Gotta Brag


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Just had to share this too!

This happened a few days ago and I’ve been meaning to write it down now. I just don’t get where he comes up with some of these things…

Carter: Mommy, I need a drink.

Me: Ok, just a second.

Carter: But Mommy, I need a drink cause I have to burp.

Me: Why do you need to burp?

Carter: So I can speak Spanish!

Me: HUH???

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I was tagged!!!

Bethany tagged me with a photo MeMe. Here are the rules…

Here’s what to do:

* Go to your sixth Picture Folder then pick your sixth picture.

* Hope that you remember the details and write a post about your tag/photo.

* Tag 5 others…

Here is my picture…

This was taken this February in Florida on our first family vacation with Carter. Carter is playing in the Atlantic ocean in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He absoulutely loved the ocean. The first time we went to the beach, it was nearly 9 pm so we told him we could only stay for a few minutes, but we could come back the next day. Well, when it was time to leave, Carter begged us to stay until the waves stopped!!

So, I’m going to do some tagging now!

1. Sandi at Pregnant with Cancer

2. Chelley at Live Fully, Laugh Often, Love Deeply

3. Kingdom of Chaos *Great Foster Care blog!

Running short on time right now, so if there is anyone else who would like to participate, go ahead and tag yourself!!! 🙂

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Morning with Carter

This morning I was laying in bed just after waking up. Carter came in and said very seriously…

Carter : “Mommy, I need 3 groups of people.”

Me : “Oh really?? What kind of groups?”

Carter : “I need 3 of them…My daddy because he can help fix my broken train…my grandma because she can help me clean my room…my grandpa because he can help me pick up all my toys in the playroom.”

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Homeschooling Blog

Just thought I would share with all of you that I have started a blog for Carter to document our progress in Homeschooling. It’s pretty basic, but I wanted something to document some of his projects and such. If you’d care to visit you are welcome!

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