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Moved to Blogger

Ok so as soon as I say I am back, I decide to move to blogger. So here is the link in case you want to come visit. Sorry for the change, but I just liked what blogger had to offer more so than wordpress.

Mom with Many Names

Yes, I’ve gone with a new name too!!! See you soon!!


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Promise to Return

Things are going well…just busy. I plan to return to normal posting as soon as the holidays are over!! Hope all is well with you and yours.

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Feelin a little blah!

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing. I’ve just been in a funk lately so haven’t really been doing much writing (obviously). I think it’s the weather being yucky. Hopefully I’ll get some time outside this weekend and that will help. I should be back to normal posting in the next couple days. Hope all is well and your holiday preparations are going well too!

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