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Well here are some pictures of our Christmas. I am only including those of Carter, but the girls had a great time with us too and got a lot of really nice things from everyone. It was fun seeing them so excited.


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Well I am back from my “holiday” (HA!!! Like it ever really is a holiday for a mom!) Things went pretty well. The girls did well in all the new environments and met lots of new surrogate grandparents. We got the inside decorated for Christmas (our family tradition is to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Mostly because Mike has that day off so he can help!) and most of the outside decorated. I will try to post some pictures soon! Honestly though it’s not much because, frankly, most of the decorations that exist are just plain tacky (no angry letters please)! Basically, I have a corner in the house devoted to all things Christmas although I do have a magnetic advent tree hanging in the living room, and I have a small glass nativity set on the dining room table.

Anyways, enough about my boring life.

So I need your advice (speaking to all foster parents here!).

What methods do you use to discipline/teach the rules of your house to new placements??

Right now, I do like our idea (will post what we do in the next day or two), but I want to know if there are any other methods that may work better. (For those of you who aren’t foster parents feel free to let me know what works for your kids. As foster parents we are very limited on what we are allowed to do for discipline so that’s why I’m asking other foster moms specifically.)

OK, sorry to leave it so short and sweet, but I have to run. I have to finish up laundry and get to bed. I’m exhausted!!!!!

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