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I completed my lesson for today and am on the “half day plan” today. All is well so far!!


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This is really really gross so reader beware!!!

Yesterday, Carter was laying in my bed to take a nap. I was sitting there reading and wasn’t facing him when he said “Mommy, come here.” So I turn over and he says, “Smell my finger.” So me, having the insatiable curiosity I have, am thinking he smells like the soap he just used or well, I don’t know what. So I smell his finger and it smells really weird and not a good weird either. He then says “Mom, you just smelled my butt!!”

UGHHHHHH What is it with boys!!! They are so nasty!

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Carter gets to go to the in-laws to spend the night so Mike and I are going to take advantage of the evening to ourselves. I know for sure we are going to go out to eat. We may see a movie too. We also are going to get myOAMC shopping done. I want to do the cooking on Monday. I’m really excited about this month’s recipes. As I said before, I have found a ton of new ones and can’t wait to try them out. I’m also excited about baking more. I was telling Mike all the things that I was going to try to bake. He’s especially excited about the homemade bread. My goal is to not buy anymorepre -made bread, although because I’m still very new at this, I will probably buy hamburger buns still. I am going to bake bread on Monday, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Mike can go through a whole loaf in just a day or two – He really likes his sandwiches!!!LOL On Saturdays (after this week that is), I will make up the breakfast pastry and dessert for the week. I may do those more than once a week if needed, but we’ll see. Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!

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Easy Link

We got Carter this for Christmas. I’m sure you all have seen it, but it’s so wonderful! It’s called Easy Link internet launch pad. Once it’s activated, you can only turn it off by entering a password. While it’s connected nothing else can be accessed except the specific site that is plugged in. So while the Elmo key is plugged in, they can only access sesamestreet .com. There are some advertisements on the page because it is the actual website you are viewing, but clicking on them gets you no where as do other links that are not related to the site. You can add other keys so they can access more websites. We got Carter the Bob the Builder/Thomas combo. He absolutely LOVES it and I don’t have to worry about him messing the computer up while I’m not there. Another great thing about it…it’s very reasonably priced!!!

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I’m almost done with it!! It’s only taken me about 2 weeks to figure out what I was going to do.

These are the dividers I have used… (Note: This is not the order they will be in the binder.)

1. Entertainment – places we’d like to do, movies we’d like to rent/buy, books we’d like to read, etc.

2. Gift Ideas/Wishlists – obviously I’ll put gift ideas that I have for others here, but also gift ideas for myself, hubby, Carter. Hubby is always confused as to what to get me so this way he’ll have some ideas.

3. Articles – articles on parenting, devotional articles, blog posts that interest me enough to print.

4. Health/Diet – Weight tracker sheet as well as any articles of interest.

5. Carter – School information and anything else I think might pertain to him.

6. Cleaning – All of my cleaning to-do’s and schedules will go here as well as any tips/articles.

7. Schedule – This is where I’ll put my master schedule as well as a list of schedule to-do’s such as making dr./dentist appt.

8. Menu Plan – Here I will have a list of all of the meals I have available at any given time (freezer inventory). I will also keep my pantry inventory here as well.

9. Inspiration – This is where I will keep anything that inspires me to continue doing what I do.

10. Recipes – This is pretty obvious.

11. Cooking Articles/Tips – Here I will put information on food health/tips that I find. I get quite a few cooking magazines that have a lot of neat ideas in them, but I hate to keep the whole magazine for one tip. This will be the perfect spot.

That concludes my HMB!!!!

I know that I have already completed my “Personal Cookbook”, but I’m going to actually combine it with my HMB, I was originally going to keep these separate, but my binder is big enough to hold both for now. As my recipe collection grows, I may split them again.

I’m in the process of charging my camera and once it’s charged, I will post pictures of my cover (which I love- it actually matches my blog banner) and divider pages. I will also post some links that I found helpful in getting my binder put together.

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Yesterday went pretty well. I actually woke up this morning and I wasn’t super hungry. I thought for sure after going basically a whole day without eating, I would be starving, but I had a small package of granola bars and a glass of milk for breakfast and it completely satisfied me.

I really like this course. Just in case anyone wants to check it out…

You’ll find it at www.settingcaptivesfree.com
It’s completely free which is wonderful, you don’t find that very often. Also, they assign a mentor to you as well. This person will help walk you through the program and give encouragement and guidance.

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Well, now that I am home again I decided to get my Home Management Binder (HMB) going again. It really is helpful and it keeps me on track everyday. By nature, when it comes to housework, I’m not very motivated so by using a checklist in my HMB , I can make it into a race and get everything done very quickly. The section I just completed is my recipe section. Obviously, I will continue to add great recipes as I find them, but for now, it’s complete!!!

This last month, I gave Once-A-Month Cooking a go. I have to say that it wasn’t horrible. I was severely unprepared – I didn’t have any of my meat thawed so I had to do it all in the microwave which took probably close to an hour alone. I’m getting down there in meals so I need to start compiling my grocery list and start making a plan. Now that I’m home more often, I want to also want to start making some homemade breakfasts and lunches. I have decided that I’ll keep the OAMC to dinner only and cook breakfast and lunch daily.

I have found some great looking recipes from Bethany.  She has compiled a lot of great recipes from various sites including some great freezer recipes.  I have found other recipes in different books and online.

I’m most excited about some of the baking and bread recipes I have found. I really want to start making our own bread. I have a breadmachine that makes it so simple. I do occasionally use a mix, but that is so expensive. So I have found a bunch of simple (or so I think! LOL ) bread recipes. I’m going to work tonight on putting together a meal plan for the meals we still have as well as adding some homemade breakfast and lunch options.

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