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Thinking of making a switch

to Blogger. I used it once before, but switched to WordPress…why I’m not sure, but after seeing that nearly all of my favorite blogs are part of blogger, I’m wondering if there’s not something I’m missing. I know there are a lot of widgets and stuff I can add that I aren’t compatible with WordPress…I think that’s one reason why.

So to all of my three many faithful readers, can you help me decide. What do you like/dislike about the blogging platform that you use.

Do you think the switch would be worth it since I’d have to go to the work of changing all my links, etc.?? Would you take the time on your blogs to update to my new address?


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Ok, so I wanted to brag quick about all the insanely great deals I got for the girls. They each get $150 as a 1 time clothing allowance. Past that, we are responsible for clothing them out of our monthly funds. Here’s what I got…


10 full outfits (either dress, or shirt and pants)

1 pk. each undies and socks

3 pairs of jammies


7 full outfits

1 pk socks and 3 pairs of tights

3 pairs of jammies

1 pair of shoes


12 full outfits

3 pairs of jammies

1 pair of shoes

1 pk socks

3 pairs tights

For a total of….


Yes that’s right!!! That’s total! Not each!! Man, I’m so proud of myself. This will leave enough money for clothes in the spring for all of them too!!

How did I do it?? Well, we have a children’s consignment store here and the owner is a HUGE supporter of foster families and what we do so she gives 25% off to us. Most clothing is $5 or less! It’s an awesome resource because I can get so much more bang for my buck. There’s always really cute stuff too! She doesn’t take anything that is stained or heavily worn and quite often I find stuff that still has tags on them. It’s so wonderful because I’m so picky on clothes. I feel like they should have really nice and really cute clothes…it’s the least they deserve right!!??

OK done with the bragging now! You may move on with your day! 🙂

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Not Again!


I woke up this morning and I’m sick…AGAIN!!!! I have already paid my sick dues for the year!! So I’m declaring today national Roehl Home “I can’t believe I’m not butter (oops!) better day!” Also known as “Crap, I’m sick again! day”!

Hope your day goes better than mine.

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Things went really well last night. I was hoping to get a bit more sleep and have time to get up and take a get ready for the day. It almost happened. Carter got up (which is typical – he usually just comes to our room to watch tv for awhile), the oldest of the girls got up too at 6:30 so I had to make them both sit on the couch in our room and told them to be quiet so they didn’t wake the little ones while I took a shower. Well, you can imagine how that went so after a few warning we had to do a timeout, but in the end, I was able to do my shower, hair and makeup which is pretty good.

Today is going to be our big shopping trip. I need to get some clothes for the girls. They didn’t come with a whole lot so I have my list and we are gonna hit the stores this morning. Should be interesting. I did ask my mom to come along to help corral, but I’m not sure I’m going to wait that long (she is a volunteer tutor and has to do that today). In case, I don’t find what I’m looking for at Walmart, I’m gonna go to an outlet mall that’s about 45 minutes away and I will definitely need her then!!

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First Night

Things are going really well so far. The girls are just so great…especially the younger two. The oldest one is testing boundaries a bit, but that’s to be expected. I have them all unpacked and have my list of things we need to get tomorrow. They came into care with only the clothes on their backs. The receiving home was kind enough to give them some really cute clothes, but there’s just not enough of them so we are going to get them some more clothes. I also need some more baby water and more pacifiers for the baby.

They are just so darn cute!!!!

So not sure of what their blog names will be…gonna have to think on that one and get back to you! 🙂

Enjoy your night. I know I will be enjoying mine!

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So the last few days (besides having a backache), I have been exceptionally sluggish and maybe even a little down in the dumps. Just no motivation to get off my butt really. Well as soon as they called this morning about the girls, I got up and started moving!! I got the house picked up and cleaned, dishes done, picked Carter up from my parents church (mom was getting ready for their Thanksgiving Dinner there.), Carter and I went to Subway to meet Mike for lunch, came home, vacuumed, cleaned bathrooms, etc.

So you’re probably wondering what it is that I actually realized…

Well, I do better the busier I am!! I do a better job keeping my house clean, I do a better job cooking (meaning I actually DO), I do a better job keeping up with Carter’s homeschooling! Plus, I just in general feel better and have more energy!!

I think this was a really important realization because next time I’m feeling like all I want to do is sit around and watch tv and be a slug, I know that all I need to do is find something to do!!

**Cleaning, however, is not enough to make me not feel sluggish!!!

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They’re ours!!!

So I got a call at 9am this morning saying that the girls were coming.

To back up a bit because I’m not sure if I posted about this or not…The biggest issue was getting permission to take the girls out of state for church. Well I the day before yesterday, I had a thought…our church has a building that is in our state!! It would means we would have an extra 20 minutes travel time there and back, but it’s not out of the question. So I talked with Mike and he said it was ok with him if we went to the other location. We both think that as time goes on and things settle down, we can maybe revisit the whole out of state thing again, but in the mean time we can go to this location. Everything is the same although it is a bit smaller from my understanding. So we let CPS know what we would be willing to do…apparently that did the trick!!!

So it’s now 1:00pm and was told they would be here between 1 and 1:30!!! I can’t wait. I really believe that God had a hand in this. It’s such a relief because it means that they won’t have to be split.

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