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I have decided that doing anything with a broken foot is not worth doing at all. My house is a mess already. I haven’t done much of anything since getting home because my foot pain is increasingly worse and the pain meds just knock me out. Well, mom is coming over today – she’s going to help me get my OAMC cooking done since I bought all the food already and I don’t want it going bad, but I can’t be on my foot long enough to cook it all. It’s not a ton, but it’s a couple hours worth of cooking. I had Mike cook up all the ground beef and the chicken was already done because I cooked extra last time, but it’s still a good amount of work. Anyways, I need to have the house at least presentable before she gets here which will be in about an hour. I probably shouldn’t even be on the internet, but my foot needed a break. So far, I have the laundry room picked up. The playroom/office is pretty much done. The living room still needs to be picked up which Carter is working on because it’s mostly his toys there are making it messy and the kitchen needs a wipe down and a load of dishes done. Not a ton to do, but enough.

Mike has to work for a few hours in the morning so hopefully, I can get our suitcases unpacked finally – thankfully, I was smart and did most of our laundry in Florida so we came home with nearly all of the clothes we took being clean.

Mike’s work Christmas party is tomorrow night and I have nothing to wear. I may go get a new shirt or something tonight after dinner. I’m debating on wearing my gorgeous gargantuan boot that really compliments the style that I’m going for. I think I may just forgo it for the few hours that we will be at the party. I don’t know. Well anyways, it’s time to nip Carter in the bum to get him moving and I need to give myself a swift kick too.


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Going back to work…Again!

While dropping Carter off at school this morning the principal approached me about working in the infant/toddler daycare. They are really hurting for people and she thought I may be able to help. Well after thinking about it very very briefly, I decided I could help. I’m going to work 1 morning and 1 afternoon a week Which shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll have to see if my mom can take Carter for the afternoon that I work incase Mike isn’t done with work on time, but that shouldn’t be an issue since it’ll be for a couple hours at most. The pay isn’t great. It’s only $7.00/hr, but it’ll get me out of the house a bit and I’ll get a baby fix too. Also with this schedule, when we get foster kids, it won’t be too bad. If they are younger than 3 I may be able to bring them along if not, I can just have my mom watch them. Really, I’m doing this more to help the school than for the money or anything else. Although the extra little bit will be nice. It’ll probably only be$50/wk by the time taxes come out, but that’s not so bad.

Hi Ho. Hi Ho. It’s off to work I go…again!

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Only Me.

So yesterday, I decided to go to the dr. It’s been a week since I twisted my ankle and my foot is still really hurting although the swelling has pretty much gone down. He took a peak at it and said it was likely just a sprain, but he’d X-Ray it just to be sure. The results came back and of course, my foot is broken! It is killing me!!!! Anyways, Dr. gave me some pain meds and I have to wear a boot for 2 weeks and then go in for more x-rays . You know it seems like it’s always something with me and it ALWAYS happens when I finally get my house clean. Maybe the world is trying to tell me not to have my house immaculate and my laundry caught up because inevitably something will happen that prevents me from keeping up on it for the next several months!!!!

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First, I want to apologize for the posts that were made while I was gone. I wasn’t sure whether to be really mad or laugh because they were so insanely ridiculous. Anyways, they are gone and whoever it was is also gone for now too. Being that I was using my cell to access my blog, I couldn’t do much other than delete the posts which pretty much made it impossible for me to figure out who was doing it. Oh well. If they strike again, I’ll be ready.

Our trip to Disney was amazing. I will post some pictures once we get things back to normal a bit. The highlight of our trip was Monday evening when I stepped off a curb the wrong way and rolled my ankle, fell, and pulled Carter down with me. He face-planted the concrete poor kid. Luckily his injuries were held to a scraped nose and being scared. I on the other hand came away with a very badly sprained ankle that is still black and blue and very swollen. If it’s not better in a couple days, I’ll go to the dr. I’m beginning to think there may be more going on since the swelling has not gone down at all, but I’ll give it a few more days.

Well, I will tell more of our adventures in the next few days once I get things back to normal here at home!

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